Select-o-drive Highlights


MOSFET power amp section capable of power range of 2 to 80 Watts. 


NO global feedback!


Five selected 12 AX7A preamp tubes


100% analog Accutronics spring reverb


Three uniquely voiced preamp channels provide complete tonal control and variety.


12 Volt DC heater supply for lowest noise


Custom lightweight, high efficiency toroidal power transformer


Channel switching from 3 front panel controls or the remote footswitch. (Included).


Unrivaled sustain, touch response and musicality.


The Select-o-drive is a revolutionary new hybrid tube/solid state amplifier. The amp uses five 12AX7 premium tubes and a unique MOSFET solid state output section. This combination provides the ultimate in tonal options, responsiveness and dramatically increased reliability.


The all-tube preamp provides three distinct channels that enable the player to achieve any sound ranging from pristine classic clean to searing massive overdrive. In each setting, the touch-sensitivity and responsiveness to pick attack make the Select-o-drive a highly musical tool.


The Select-o-drive’s MOSFET output section does not use global negative feedback. The result is an open, natural sound that feels like an amp using power tubes, yet does not require a heavy output transformer.  In addition, the output section features the Alairex proprietary Variable Soft Clip Control (VSCC).


This unique patent-pending circuit gives the amp a completely variable output section that determines the point at which soft-natural clipping occurs within the full power range of 2 to 80 Watts RMS.

Select-o-drive Specs

Two 12” Eminence Red, White & Blues Speakers or optional two 12” Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers.


Effects loop and Recording output, standard.


Heavy duty footswitch that controls 3 channels, plus EFX loop and reverb.


Input impedance: 1M Ohm


Power Output =  80 Watts RMS into 8 Ohm.


Specifications subject to change without notice.


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