The Jr. is based on the ground breaking Harmonic Amp Like Overdrive Pedal. Essentially, it captures the high gain of channel 2 in a smaller, more compact enclosure.


The touch-sensitive response to picking strength and individual player articulation is one characteristic of the Jr. that sets this pedal apart from previous attempts at solid-state overdrive equipment.


The unit is easy to understand and operate, with highly intuitive, flexible controls that allow the guitarist to tweak in “their sound.”  The Jr. doesn’t disguise or detract from the individual sound and uniqueness of your guitar, the way you play. The pedal allows you to get any amount of natural sounding overdrive and compression at any level.   The result is a sound that is very “amp-like” and full. 




1.GAIN - Sets the amount of overdrive in this channel. Turn down for less gain. With the control fully to the left, the sound is clean. Turning it to the right increases distortion and sustain.


2.TONE - Controls the high frequency boost and cut. This shapes the overall timbre of the sound. With the control turned down,

the sound is darker. Turn this up for a crisp, bright sound with aggressive bite.


3.LEVEL - Controls overall volume when Gain 1 is engaged. (see gain select).


4.BASS - Controls the low end. Turn up for boost at approximately 100 Hz. Gives a thick, robust sound.


5.CONTOUR - Controls mid-range shape and imaging. Turning it down gives a “scooped” response, and turning it up gives a tighter, focused mid image.


6.SHAPE - Control distortion characteristics. 


Three position switch selects:

Right Position - Symmetrical clipping mode. Bright overdrive distortion with medium compression and harmonic complexity.

Left Position - Asymmetrical clipping mode. A bit darker overdrive distortion with increased harmonic complexity resulting in more overtones and compression.

Center Position - Clean boost mode.  


A brilliant sounding distortion mode that can enable the unit to provide up to 17 dB of clean boost in conjunction with the gain and level controls.  This setting also provides a very open overdrive distortion with minimum compression and harmonic complexity.


7.OUTPUT - 1/4” phone jack. This connects to the amplifier. The output is derived from a discrete FET/Bi-polar circuit that doesn’t alter the sound of the guitar. This output is low impedance and can drive long cable runs without loading down the guitar pickups.


8.INPUT - 1/4” phone jack. Plug your guitar in here. This high impedance input doesn’t suck the tone out of your guitar, even in bypass. The 9 volt battery is engaged only when the guitar is plugged in.


9.STATUS LED - (Blue) On = effect in. Off = bypass mode.  The bright BLUE LED becomes dim when the 9 volt battery wears down to 7 volts and will NOT illuminate when the battery is below the critical 7 volt level (REPLACE THE BATTERY AT THIS POINT).


10.BYPASS - Turns the effect on and off. Blue LED on = effect on.


11.DC POWER INPUT - 9 to 18 volt DC input. While the unit works great with a single 9 volt battery, an external supply of 18 volts increases available headroom.


12.BATTERY COMPARTMENT - External battery holder makes battery replacement easy; just pull out with “drawer” motion.


Specifications subject to change without notice.


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