Alex Aguilar began his life long love affair with the guitar in 1971.  His first serious axe was a Fender Telecaster, and it remains his favorite electric model.   He spent several years playing in local club bands, and enjoyed regional acclaim for his live performances as well as his work on recordings.


Alex earned a B.S degree in Electrical Engineering (1987) and a B.S. in Management, and worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the field of Digital Switching and Communications.   He then moved on to Eventide, where he honed his audio skills and practical hands on experience in the pro audio field.


In 1991, he opened Aguilar Electronics, specializing in tube guitar amplifier design and modification. Based in NYC, he became known for crafting hand-built limited production custom guitar amps, preamps and switching systems for countless high profile clients.


His standing in the guitar community was fortified by a monthly column he wrote for “Guitar for the Practicing Musician”, called “Amp Questions and Answers”. This column, which ran for five years, was aimed at helping musicians with technical questions as related to getting optimal tone and performance from their guitar amplifiers.


In 1995, he co-founded Aguilar Amplification with partner Dave Boonshoft.  Alex served as head design engineer and Chief Technical Officer.  Some of his landmark designs include the DB 680 tube preamp, the DB 750 Hybrid Amp Head, the AG 500, and the critically acclaimed and TEC award nominated Tube Direct Box.


Now, he brings his years of expertise to Alairex, a brand new company whose initial focus is on cutting edge products geared toward the guitarist.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


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